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Why do you ship FedEx?

We know how important it is to get your truck back on the road as soon as possible. We found that FedEx has a proven record of quality service and expedient delivery.


Why buy from advantagetruckparts.com and not somewhere else?

We Know Truck Parts. When you buy on Amazon, eBay or another online location you are most likely buying from a wholesaler or salvage company that knows nothing about your truck. At advantagetruckparts.com the only thing we sell is truck parts. Our parts department has over 100 years combined experience in the truck parts business.

We are part of Advantage Truck Center, a Volvo truck dealer with seven locations throughout North Carolina.


What is an aftermarket part?

Aftermarket parts are produced by a company other than the truck manufacturer. While these parts are usually made with the same materials and made to serve the same purpose, they may have slight differences in how they look and feel. Some aftermarket parts, due to redesign, may actually be an improvement on the original. Please note that aftermanrket emmision parts may not be compliant in all states. Check with your state to verify if a part is compliant for use.


What is an OEM or Genuine Part?

OEM parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. This means it is a vehicle part made by or for the truck manufacturer. The advantage of an OEM part is that you can get warranty from any OEM Dealer.


I live outside the US and it is saying we cannot deliver to my address, what is wrong?

This does not mean we cannot ship to you. Sometimes a foreign address will not be able to be calculated by our shipping system. For these order you may need to contact us through email.


I live inside the US and it is saying we cannot deliver to my address? What is wrong?

Unfortunately we are unable to sell to online customers in NC. We invite you to visit one of our five NC locations.


Why are prices cheaper online than at the dealership locations?

When you purchase a part online we can fill that order at our convenience. We can also choose where to ship from based on inventory. This leads to a lower cost that we can pass on to our customer. When you come to our dealerships we take the responsibility of providing the correct part based on your VIN. When buying online you need to make sure the part is correct before ordering.

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